"Do you want to Launch Your Own Membership Site That Grows Automatically ?"


You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To Open A Membership Site That Pays Month After Month, And Even Grows By Itself Leaving You More Time To Count Your Cash!

Plus, It Won't Cost You An Arm And A Leg Like Some Other Software Packages. Plus With Our Multi-Site License You Pay Once, And Can Build Your Personal Membership Empire As Big As You Want!

- Chris Egan


Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Earning a full-time living off the internet may seem like a dream, and if you are still struggling with your AdSense sites it will probably stay just that "a dream". Let me ask you, "How long have your blogs been earning $1 or less per day?" and "How many hours have you invested writing and submitting your articles to article directories?" and "How long have you spent trying to improve your Search Engine Ranking?"

I can hear your answer now "too long", right? If you have been trying and failing with internet marketing, you know that it wasn't worth it.

I have some good news for you. Because even though you have missed out on making it so far, there is still an incredible opportunity to earn your full-time incorm from the internet! And I have the solution.

For almost two years there has been a quiet buzz growing in the Internet Marketing world ...

Whispered meetings behind closed doors, secret conversations when no-one is listening and suspicious glances across darkened rooms. People are talking about a new type of site that:

  • Earns Record Profits In Record Time
  • Grows Automatically
  • Generates Sustainable, Long Term Income

Those in the know are keeping these new sites to themselves, and quietly going about the business of building self driving empires that are raking in huge sums.

They don't want you to catch on, because they're scared the market will become saturated, and they'll have to share their profits.

"The Word Is Out -
And Membership Sites Are In!"

With a membership site, your customers sign up and pay a monthly fee to gain access to special, private, members-only content. The content might be eBooks, scripts, articles, graphics, coaching audio or video - whatever you want.

But why are membership sites so great? Think of it this way:

    A. You have an AdSense site which gets 1,000 visitors a day, but only 20 or 30 of them are going to click on ads. For each click, you will receive maybe $0.10c, for a grand total of $2 - $3 or perhaps $100 per month.

That's pretty disappointing isn't it? Now imagine the following:

    B. You have a membership site with 1,000 members. Each month, they pay you $20 - $30 each, for a potential total of $30,000 a month OR MORE!

Even if you only have 100 members, your earning potential is much higher than that of a single AdSense site or a single blog, and as long as you keep your members happy with great quality content, they will keep on coming back for more!

"Launch Your Own Profit Pulling
Membership Empire Today!"

I've spent months developing a special piece of software that will let you launch and run your own membership site, and it's a breeze to set up. What is more, I will give you 14 Full Private Label Rights Packages that you can use to build your first 14 Membership Sites.

Thats more than 300 MB of Private Label Rights products - the packages include everything you need from the products (which are editable), the sales page texts, the mini-site design, in fact everything you need to create and launch your own Membership Site empire today ....

My software, named "Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Script", creates your membership site through a simple installer, within minutes you can install and setup your site. If you think that it is not possible to do this quickly, here is the proof: 1 Hour Challenge Video. The script then walks your customers through an incredibly powerful sign up process that almost sucks the money right out of their wallets!

Here's what your members see:

    Step 1. The Big Squeeze

    A squeeze page with an offer of FREE membership to your site. They've got nothing to lose, so they sign up.   
            Use A Squeeze Page To Sign Up Free Members

    Step 2. Tell A Friend

    Once they've confirmed their email address, they have the opportunity to tell their friends about your amazing offer.

             Prompt the new members to recommend your site to their friends

    Step 3. One Time Offer

    Here comes the FIRST power profit strategy - new members are offered a PAID one time upgrade to a premium membership level with more content!

             Offer members a One Time Offer to get a special price or offer

    Step 4. The Referral System

    Here comes the SECOND power profit strategy - Members who choose not to take the One Time Offer can use the built in referral system to progress to the higher membership levels!

             Your members can access higher levels of membership based on the number of people they refer to your site

    Step 5. Built In Affiliate System

    Here comes the THIRD power profit strategy - Members can earn money through the built in affiliate system. Any referred members that take the One Time Offer and upgrade are awarded a commission of that sale. Now that's an incentive!
            Support the members with Affiliate Graphics, etc.

    All new members, whether they're free or paid members, are automatically added to the built in affiliate system so can immediately start earning commission.

    When it comes to paying affiliates, Easy Cash Method Viral Membership script will create a PayPal mass-pay file for you, so you can do everything in just a few clicks!


That's right, the Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Script has a referral system AND an affiliate system built in!

Members can move up the membership levels at no cost if they refer their friends to the site! Each time they refer a certain number of friends (that you choose), they go up a level and gain access to more content.

And if that's not a good enough incentive to promote your site, then this will be:

Any user that signs up for membership is automatically added to the affiliate system, and is instantly ready to start earning commission on referrals!

This combination produces a powerful viral effect that will have users fighting to be the first to refer a mutual friend, and the effect will only snowball as your site grows.

Just think, if you have 10 members that each refer 5 friends, you have 60 members.

If each of those 50 new members refer 5 of their friends, you will have 310 members. And if each of the new members refer 5 of their friends, you have over 1,500 members in no time at all, and then you can sit back and relax because you know the earning power of 1,500 members.

I have been making successful membership sites for years, but I know that being an Internet Marketer is hard, and it takes a lot of time (often spent learning through mistakes). So, when I was designing the Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Software I made sure that it was easy and fast to use, and that it gave you as much control as you need.

Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Software is packed with a ton of features to make your life easier, and to give you more control over your empire of viral memberships.

  • WYSIWYG Content Management
  • Unlimited Content Pages
  • Easy Installer Package
  • Secure Download System Built-In
  • Built in affiliate system
  • Powerful newsletter panel
  • Export user list
  • Detailed financial statements
  • Monthly affiliate statements
  • Multiple membership levels
  • Full control over content
  • Template driven style
  • One off payments or subscriptions
  • And much more...

Everything you need to do to administer and run the site can be done from the detailed admin interface using just a few mouse clicks.

It couldn't be easier!

"What Are You Waiting For!"

If you are tired of struggling along with your AdSense sites or empty blogs that aren't making you any money, take action now and be a part of the latest trends in Internet Marketing!

The Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Software comes with detailed installation instructions to make it as easy as possible to set up, and a multi-site license so you can install it on as many servers and domains as you wish.

The potential uses for Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Software are almost endless. For example, you could create a free membership site and use it to virally grow a huge email list for a later product launch, or you could build a large set of members to kickstart a forum, or even create several complimentary membership sites in the same niche and refer members between them!

"If You Could Choose Between A $0.20c Click
Or $20 A Month, Which Would It Be?"

I know which I'd choose! Here's what some of my previous customers have said about the Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Script


    "You are a genius... I bet a lot of people were looking for this but they don't want to get it coded due to the costs! I must say this software is well worth the money. All features are there & it's coded to where it's actually readable!


    - Charles Mullen, USA


    "Powerful yet Simple to use! This membership script zeros in on targeted visitors and niche markets like crazy!!

    We added it to all of our phpBB forums that are free with our hosting. Now, our members may opt-in to a paid subscription to private areas of the forums. Invision Power Board has a similar feature, but the license is very costly. Hundreds of dollars more as a matter of fact! Next up are the ... blogs!

    Well done"

    - Jeffery 100% :D

    "I have tried other viral marketing scripts but this is the best so far. It only took a few minutes to setup and it's easy to use and customize too. I would recommend this script to anyone who wants to build their list fast.

    Thanks again."

    - Kerry Emrich, Canada

    “The Viral Membership Script was very easy to install and very straight forward to use. It's a great idea that will bring in site referrals in a unique way!"

    - S.D. Daughtry, USA

    "This viral script is extremely easy to setup. I got my viral site setup within 2 minutes! No fluff. No bluff. Just real working and simple script that gets you going quickly and gets the job done. Good job!"

    - Vince Tan, USA

"30-Day Money Back Guarantee"

Easy Cash Method 2.0 Viral Membership Script comes with full 30 day money back guaranteeI'm so sure that you will love my Easy Cash Method Viral Membership script, I am offering a cast-iron 30 day money back guarantee. I will shoulder all the risk.

If you don't like it or it doesn't fit your needs, I'll give you your money back, simple as that!

Yes that is right, you can try out the software, test it on your server, and if you decide that it simply isn’t right for you, just let me know and I will refund you!

Now, a quick word about pricing...

I won't tell you how much I "could" charge for the Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Software package, and I'm not going to claim it's worth thousands in the hope that you'll believe me. I also strongly believe you should be able to cover your costs within a month of purchasing. The normal price for the Software, Ebook, No BS Guide and PLR Bonus Package is $147, but for the next 43 customers I am slashing the price by $50 .... which means you can get the Easy Cash Method full package for just $97. But it's only for the next 43 customers.

Sign up using the form below (where you can access our Free Membership Site Ebook) and we will let you download The Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Script for just $97.

Now, if you're charging just $25 per membership, you only need 4 members and you'll be in profit! In the famous words, it's a "no brainer" investment in your online business.

     Yes Chris, for just $47,
    I am ready to begin
    building my very own
    membership empire!

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    Confirm your password

    Don't forget the 30 day money back guarantee, just in case you decide Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Software isn't for you.

    Consider this an investment in your business - remember, it's a "no brainer!". You're almost guaranteed to profit!

    To your continued success,

    Chris Egan

    P.S. - This is probably the cheapest you will ever see a piece of software like Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Script, and now is the perfect time to enter a new phase in your Internet Marketing career. Good luck!

    P.P.S. - If you have any questions about Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Script, just contact me through my email, and I'll do my best to answer them.

    P.P.P.S. - Don't forget the 100% money back guarantee. If you're not happy with our software, I will refund your entire purchase! Get in on the viral membership scene before your competition does. Order Now!

    System requirements: Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Script requires web hosting with PHP 4 or above and MySQL 5 or above, since it uses nested queries. Most hosts support MySQL 5, but if yours doesn't you can get a suitable package for $5.95 a month with our partner - click here for more info. If you have any questions about setting up or installing the Easy Cash Method, please contact me via the email address shown above. If you would like our technical support team to install the software for you, we charge $25 per installation. Send $25 to sales@easycashmethod.com with an email confirming the FTP details and your contact details and we will install the software within 48 hours.

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